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Access the video recording, slide presentations and handouts for the breakthrough Brain Longevity Symposium.

The Brain Longevity Symposium: Spiritual Fitness and Perfect Health is a breakthrough conference that illustrates the critical importance of spiritual fitness to maintaning optimal brain function as we age. With over 3 hours of content, this recording features 3 top leaders in this field: Helen Lavretsky, MD from UCLA, Department of Psychiatry, Katerina Sheardova, MD, PhD, Head of the Memory Center at St. Anne's University Hospital, and head of the Czeck Aging Study in Brno, Czech Republic, and Christopher Walling, PsyD, MBA, C-IAYT, Adjunct Professor in Somatic Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Here is a sample of what you will learn. 

From Dr. Lavretsky:

The incredible, groundbreaking and healing benefits of yoga and Kirtan Kriya on multiple aspects of:

  • aging
  • health
  • longevity
  • mood
  • resilience
  • genetics
  • reduced inflammation and
  • improved memory.

From Dr. Sheardova:

  • How spirituality/religiosity reduces the risk for Alzheimer’s
  • The definition and demonstration of how yoga is a self-empowering and self healing practice, including ethics, habits and self-discovery
  • We had an excellent discussion about moving from outside to inside to achieve bliss
  • How Spiritual Well Being has a significant effect on brain atrophy.

From Dr. Walling:

  • How Eastern Philosophies and spiritual traditions integrate with modern psychology
  • Spiritual But Not Religious (SBNR): 1 in 5 Americans reject organized religion: 70 million people
  • Relationship between spirituality and psychological well being and other illnesses
  • How posture affects consciousness
  • How our evolution depends on us being interdependent beings, and how without supportive relationships we do not live as long.


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