Spiritual Fitness Booklet- HARD COPY

In this booklet, ARPF President Dr. Dharma describes what Spiritual Fitness is and tells us all how to get there.

From Dr. Dharma: "I started the book by quoting The Beatles, proclaiming that this book took me years to write—an exaggeration, I’ll admit, except in this sense: It is the culmination of a lifetime devoted to two unrelated (or so I once believed) quests—my personal spiritual journey, and my work as a physician and person of science, searching for ways to prevent, treat, and maybe even eradicate, Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia.

In Spiritual Fitness: A New Dimension in Alzheimer’s Prevention, I tell how these threads that run through my life came together and intertwined to form one revelatory, groundbreaking strand of knowledge. Over the course of decades, I have read every book I could find on both subjects. No one has ever written one quite like this.

The book also explains, in detail, what I have identified as the four pillars of basic wellbeing, the six practical aspects of psychological wellbeing, and the four new non-sectarian features of Spiritual Fitness, which lead to universal love and inner peace."

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