Spiritual Practices and Brain Longevity Webinar Recording

This gives you access to the very informative webinar recording of Dr. Newberg's explanation of how spiritual experiences affect the brain. He also discusses the results of his research on Kirtan Kriya and enhanced brain function, improved memory and other positive findings.

Our esteemed guest speaker is Andrew B. Newberg, MD, Director of Research at the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health and physician at the Myrna Brind Center at Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. He is board certified in internal medicine and nuclear medicine.

Dr. Newberg’s research now largely focuses on how brain function is associated with various mental states– in particular, religious and mystical experiences. He has also evaluated the relationship between religious or spiritual phenomena and health, and the effect of meditation on memory, particularly with regards to the effects of Kirtan Kriya meditation.  Here he discusses the positive findings of Kirtan Kriya on the brain and memory. 

Price: $25 

Shipping Policy: You will immediately receive a pdf file with the link to the webinar recording, viewable on your computer.